Glitter lips

Yes, You Can Wear Glitter Lips— Here's How.

Our crash course in all things sparkly.


Maybe you’ve noticed, but glitter makeup is having a serious moment in 2017— thanks in part to Instagram beauty tutorials and cult-favorite makeup artist Pat McGrath. What a time to be alive! Nobody is more excited than Fizzy Mag, outspoken champions of all things shiny. (Except for maybe Mariah Carey). And the latest trend to come from the world of sparkly shine? Glitter lips. 

Yes, glitter lips are not only a thing, they are a fashionable thing. Sparkly lips began popping up on the runway a few seasons back, and recently, we’ve seen our favorite beauty gurus creating their own interpretations of the trend. If you’ve been eying these dazzling lips (seriously, who isn’t?!) but aren’t sure if you can pull it off, we’ve got news for you— with a little help from us, you most certainly can.

Obviously, there should be no rules about wearing glitter. Or about wearing any item of makeup, really. But glitter lips deserve their own guide because they're more daunting than, say, blush. However, with our five tips, your pout will be effortlessly shining bright. 

  1. Apply lipstick as usual. (Creamy formulas tend to work best). 
  2. Our favorite step— ADD GLITTER! For this step, you can simply twirl a lip brush in make-up grade glitter or you can try out a glittery lip topper like this one from Lime Crime. 
  3. Repeat the second step until your mouth is blindingly sparkly, more is more. 
  4. To seal the glitter, carefully cover with chapstick, lip balm, lip-gloss or even Vaseline. 
  5. Go dazzle everyone! 

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