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This One Beauty Product Will Repel All The Fuckboys

Boy, bye.


He’s texting you. He’s texting your friends. He tells you he wants to see you as soon as possible. He goes MIA for six days. Never makes concrete plans. Makes bids for your affection and then baits you into an emotional trap. 

ALERT: A fuckboy has entered your area. 

We’ve all known at least one fuckboy in our life or are possibly currently dealing with one now. While this species comes in many different forms, all varieties share one thing in common— fuckboys are as resilient as they are annoying. 

When you’ve absolutely lost all of your patience but can’t seem to shake your fuckboy, know that you have the beauty industry on your side with a tricky product designed to confuse and impair the nasty creature. 

For all the guys who still believe women wear makeup to attract a man— prepare to eat those words. Bon appétit, fuckboys. 

Meet Beeqbox F*ckboy Repellent Highlighter here. 

Simpleton fuckboys are attracted to all things shiny and bright. So, for every fuckboy who pisses you off, highlight it up in this gold powder dubbed “Stay mad,” and blind his ass. Or just swipe on this highlighter, realize you look too fabulous to ever deal with a fuckboy and blindside him by no longer responding to his texts. Either way, problem solved.   


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