Boys dont cry magazine frank ocean

Frank Ocean – Your View On Boys Don’t Cry Magazine


“Frank Ocean dropped 2 albums, 2 visuals and a magazine all in 48 hours. He’s about to disappear for like 15 years.” This is what people on the internet are thinking and we can’t stop laughing. Like do you even realize how much work this is? lol Since you can find his new album Blond all over the internet (especially on Apple Music), it’s kinda hard to see what the visuals of his magazine Boys Don’t Cry look like. We literally contacted everybody in New York and London to get us one, but shit was sold out. We cried a little bit and had to look for compensation on Instagram just to take a look inside the magazine:

Ein von BEATNIC (@btnc) gepostetes Foto am

Ein von TAYJERS (@tvyjers) gepostetes Foto am

Ein von @penguinactivist gepostetes Foto am

Creative direction: Frank Ocean, Thomas Mastorakos
Graphic Design: Zak Group
Slider Photography: Kieran Irvine



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