Dior's New Pump'n' Volume Mascara Will Give You Out Of This World Lashes

Dior's New Pump'n' Volume Mascara Will Give You Out Of This World Lashes


Mascara is one of the major workhorses in our makeup routine, and we’re constantly on the prowl for a miracle tube that will transform our natural lashes into falsie-like masterpieces. In light of our search, the beauty powerhouses have introduced us to everything from mascaras that bend to mascaras that vibrate, but Dior just released a revolutionary product that’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. 

During Paris Fashion Week, Dior didn’t just unveil a gorgeous new clothing collection but also a cutting edge mascara with a flexible tube. Dior’s new Diorshow Pump’n’Volume Mascara’s pliability makes it so that you can squeeze, soften and warm up the mascara before you apply to achieve max levels of volume. 

Anyone who's ever owned a tube of mascara knows the drill: You find one you love, you use it religiously, and then after a couple months, the formula that was once creamy and flexible turns stiff and clumpy, and you throw it out, knowing there's plenty still left at the bottom of the tube. It's maddening, and it happens to professional makeup artists too. "When this happened to my mother, she'd put her tube of mascara in a cup of warm water to loosen it up, which is something I still do today," said makeup artist and Dior Makeup creative director Peter Philips. "It's similar to what I have to do on long photo shoots when the model's lashes start to droop; I'll use my heated eyelash curler from Japan to make the mascara on her lashes moist again, allowing me to add more on top."

This exact beauty troubleshooting inspired Philips to create the Pump’N’Volume mascara. "You can squeeze the warmth [into the tube] and it really helps to maximize the benefits of the formula," said Philips. "One layer and it's a volume mascara. Two layers? It'll give you really fat lashes—almost like a fake lash effect." 

The mascara will be available on for a one-day “flash sale” on April 2 and will officially launch at Sephora on April 15. 

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