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Croosh Is What You’ll Be Hearing On The Apple Ipod


So Apple is dropping it’s AirPods soon and in case we don’t loose it after 2-3 hours, we already know what we are going to listen to: Croosh!

It’s gonna be Croosh all day, every day: when we wake up, when we pick up our coffee to-go, at work, during our workouts, shopping, studying, sleeping, when we have sex (because we gonna stir it, stir it, stir it) and in the club. Like there will be no occasion where his tunes will not bump right into our eardrums. Just letting you know that the same will happen to you! Like there is no escape. Croosh a.k.a Jamir Malek is a 20 year old rapper/producer based in  Los Angeles, who likes ’em crazy, just the way we do. These tunes will change your life:


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