CÉCI Unveils Mesmerizing New Music Video "Detox"


CÉCI just unveiled her music video for "Detox," and the production is stunning, evocative and completely mesmerizing. Throughout the video, the singer moves among looming tree branches and appears as both an ominous black raven and an icy imitation of the Statue of Liberty. CÉCI uses eerie imagery and hypnotizing movements to create a hauntingly beautiful result. 

“The track 'Detox' is a spring cleaning,” she told Fizzy Mag. “It’s about detoxing toxic people out of your life and making space.” 

CÉCI is the alias of Cecilie Dahlin, a Danish artist and producer. Dahlin released her first experimental single "Insideout" under CÉCI in November, and "Detox" is the second release under the alias. Hear more of CÉCI's tunes here, and watch the video above.


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