Craved eyebrows 3

Bow To The Brow! Because Carving Has Arrived

A smokey eye for your arches.


Somehow, while we weren’t looking, “eyebrow trends” became a thing. And no, we’re not talking about stereotypical, ‘90s plucked eyebrows or today’s perfectly arched, thick Instagram eyebrows— no, those are downright tame. 

First came feather eyebrows and later, the cowlick-like barbed wire brows. Now, beauty gurus are thinking up even more ways to decorate your arches, and luckily for those who don’t want to glue their eyebrows into unconventional shapes, the latest trend is brow carving.  

Don’t worry, brow carving isn’t nearly as aggressive as it sounds. No sharp tools are required. Brow carving is essentially a smokey eye for your eyebrow.

The genius behind the look, according to Allure, is Texas-based makeup artist Alexa Link. She first posted the brow carving photo back in April but has watched it slowly become a trend over the past few weeks, with other makeup artists brow carving on themselves with different shadows, pigments and shimmer.

It’s not exactly clear how Link created the look, but we’re assuming it goes a little something like this: First, she placed strips of tape on her eyebrows and traced the outer perimeter to create defined edges. Then, Link probably blended out the edges with an eye shadow to create the smoky effect. The result: a frame for your face’s masterpiece— your brows.

Have brow trends officially gone too far? Whether you're on board with the new trend or not, we're sure this isn't the last outlandish look for your arches you'll be seeing on Instagram. The ball is in your court, Internet. 

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