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Azealia Banks Agrees Attend Anger Management Classes To Avoid Jail

The rapper allegedly punched and "bit the boob" of a NY bouncer in 2015.


Azealia Banks has agreed to have anger management classes after pleading guilty to misdemeanor, assault and attempted assault. 

Back in 2015, the rapper was arrested after allegedly punching and “biting the boob” of a New York nightclub bouncer. According to reports, Banks has accepted a plea deal on the incident and will now complete a 26-week series of anger management classes in order for the charges to be reduced to disorderly conduct. 

“After conferring and working with Ms Banks’ New York criminal attorney, we were able to negotiate and accept a plea deal,” Banks’ lawyer, John Vafa, told Pitchfork. “Ms Banks will participate in the ordered courses by the district attorney and the judge for 26 weeks.”

This incident definitely isn’t the first controversy the “212” star has been involved in either. In the same year as the previously mentioned conflict, Banks was involved in an air-rage incident, where she was filmed calling a flight attendant a “f**king f*ggot.” She was also forced to apologize to Sarah Palin in 2016, after she suggest the former Alaska governor be gangbanged and “locked in a cupboard.” 

In addition to her anger management classes, Banks will have to avoid all other altercations and regularly check in with a judge. Failure to comply with these terms could reportedly result in “up to a year” of jail time.

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