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Reebok Classic x Asphaltgold Teamed Up And Created New “Death of Cute” Collection

Celebrating independent women.


To celebrate independent women who choose to go their own way and can’t be dictated, Reebok Classic and asphaltgold teamed up and created the new sneaker collection, “Death of Cute”. 

Breaking conventional stereotypes, the sneaker collab has made a cult model: Reebok Club C 85, which comes with "asphalt gold Girls" lettering on the tongue patches, an extra set over-branded asphalt gold laces and printed insoles. But that’s not all! The new collection also equips their ladies with the following highlights: a red beanie made of merino wool and a patch set for customizing your own pieces with texts like "Real is rare", "Rest in Pink", and "Boys better move ". Two Montana paint markers in baby pink and pink, as well as a specially made pouch in the" Death of Cute "package play a special role in this collaboration.

With the markers, the ladies can design their own shoebox and thus participate in a design contest. You can win two unique pieces that no one else has: a gold necklace with "Death of Cute" lettering and the Levi's denim jacket from the campaign shoot, which were made exclusively for the project.

The Reebok Classic x asphalt gold "Death of Cute" collection will drop on  December 1st at 6 PM instores and then will be available on the same day at 9 PM online.

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