Octavian Claims He’s Under Control Of His ‘Former’ Record Label

The rapper says he’s chained up by his former label Black Butter Records, holding him down from releasing new music.


Octavian shared his thoughts on social media today, claiming his former label Black Butter Records hasn't stopped working with him and has continued to control the release of his album Alpha. The London-based rapper, who joined the label in August 2018, informed he would not drop any music until they ‘let him go’.

In the latest Instagram post, the 25-year-old said the police, labels, news and nation overall have been throwing shade on him, making him look like ‘some evil character’ and that he ‘stands for everyone’ who has ever been in a similar situation. The allegations shared by his ex-girlfriend one day before the official release of his new album have had a huge impact on the French-British rapper’s career. Since the incident, the number of his monthly Spotify listeners has decreased from six and a half million in late November to approximately four million to this day.

Black Butter Records, which is a joint venture of Sony Music, has reportedly cut ties with the rapper already in November 2020 and said it would not support the artist anymore after the accusations went viral.
“We at Black Butter have taken the decision not to continue working with Octavian and we will not be releasing his album. We do not condone domestic abuse of any kind and we have suggested Octavian seeks professional help at this time.” the label informed.

Octavian’s ex-girlfriend, known only as Hana, accused the rapper of being mentally and physically abusive towards her after 3 years of dating. The 24-year-old has shared the allegations in November last year and included detailed numerous examples of violence and abuse, which were later denied by the rapper. She has also opened up about the incident in the BBC Three documentary and revealed she was offered £20,000 to never speak on their relationship.


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