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Miquela Releases Her First-Ever Music Video For “Money”

And offers to contribute $4500 to pay off your student loan. Interested?


Your favorite AI singer/model/Instagram celebrity/robot chick has just dropped her first-ever music video. After releasing “Not Mine” roughly two years ago, Lil Miquela has graced us with five more original songs, including “Sleeping In”, “Over You” and “Right Back”. Her newest single, “Money”, is the first one to have a full-on music video accompanying it. And it sure as hell came with a little plot twist!

In the music video, Miquela casually walks us through a seemingly normal house party. As you would expect, snuggling college students, a bit too much booze and groovy dance moves are all included. “I make music because it makes me feel less alone (and because it convinces Lyft drivers to give me their aux cords).”, she explained to Broadway World. “That's why I share it with you - hopefully it can help you feel less alone, too.”

Ever since her first Instagram appearance in 2016, the virtual social media influencer has been at the center of discussions about how the fashion and social media landscape is evolving. By posting videos on her YouTube channel and releasing songs with catchy and relatable lyrics - we’ve all “let the chemicals talk for us” and just “fallen in love” at one point or another, haven’t we - Miquela has built a loyal fanbase for herself.

As she’s celebrating a new milestone in her career, Miquela seems to be wanting to repay her fans for their loyalty in form of a cute $4500 check that’s supposed to help one lucky winner pay off their student loan. Because “we stan education” - Miquela’s words, not ours.

And a solid PR strategy for the “Money” music video, if you ask us.

The problem? While the check may seem quite generous, we can’t help those goosebumps that this little action gives us. One of the reasons for that is that, in order to enter the competition, fans have to consent that their personal information might be sold to artists and record labels. 

And while we’re at it, let’s discuss the winning sum. According to Forbes, the student loan crisis has reached an all-time high in 2019 with “45 million borrowers collectively oweing more than $1.5 trillion in student loan debt”. That leaves us wondering, is there room for negotiations here, Miquela?


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