Worldly vibess

Meet Worldly Vibes: The Streetwear Brand Hoping To Unite The World

Love, positivity and good vibrations.


Fact: You have more graphic tees than anything else in your wardrobe. Over the years, you’ve collected a closet full of overpriced concert pieces, threads promoting your alma mater and a dash of hand-me-down options from when your grandparents took that cruise to Alaska. But, just because your collection is endless doesn’t mean it should be considered complete.


Et opslag delt af WORLDLY VIBES (@worldly_vibes) den

While some of those old-timers in your closet may have sentimental value, have you ever considered why you have the T-shirts you have? Enter: WORLDY VIBES. The Melbourne, Australia-based brand is challenging consumers to look at fashion from an entirely new perspective. Inspired in 2016 and founded in 2017, WORLDLY VIBES aims to take fashion to a spiritual level. The label challenges us to become conscious of the clothing we equate ourselves with and inspires fashion consumers to live a life of awareness.

WORLDLY VIBES is dedicated to spreading love, good values and positive vibrations, and the brand’s first collection clearly reflects these goals. Complete with messages of love, appreciation of life and (adorable!) prayer hands, the entire lineup brings dressing to a higher dimension. Successfully promoting positive thoughts and communication, WORDLY VIBES proves fashion is more than just garments we wear. With our clothes, we have the ability to embrace and spread a message of love to the world. And all of the WORLDLY VIBES' tees and caps will look dope paired with your fav sneaks. Could you ask for anything more? 



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