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Brexit Opposers Can Stay Inside The EU Forever With This Vetements Hoodie

They can take the girl out of the EU, but they can't take the EU off the girl.


Brexit news has been pretty quiet recently what with all the talk of nuclear war, neo-Nazis and the vast amount of general cultural clutter we are subjected to on the daily. Much to the frustration and anger of 49 percent of the British population, Brexit is, of course, still going ahead. However, it's crucial that the UK folks maintain their attention as the shady Tory government negotiates with the EU to decide upon their future relationship.

Vetements have created a hoodie to ensure that Brexit remains part of the cultural and political conversation – because, should we really just be giving up on fighting and melancholically striding into a fragile and uncertain future, governed by every Tory whim?

The blue oversized hoodie is emblazoned on the back with the EU logo: the perfect way to remind literally everyone you pass – and obviously the whole of Instagram – that Brexit is still a really big deal. Get yours from Browns now.  


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