Iphone blender 2

Why Wouldn’t You Use Your IPhone To Blend Your Makeup?

People Are Pouring Foundation On Their IPhones And Steve Jobs Is Rolling In His Grave


Some bloggers, most notably tweeny cutie Jake Warden, have been using the backs of their IPhones as an alternative to a palette to mix their own foundations. Aimed as a “beauty hack” we’re not quite clear on the benefits from choosing your phone which can break when exposed to liquid and say, anything else but clearly they have their reasons!

If your inner beauty guru is screeching in your ear, “Yoooou must trrry thisss!” please do clean your phone before proceeding to pour foundation all over it.  Your phone has been in some nasty places like the bottom of your bag, touched by who knows how many hands and been set on too many café terrace tables to be even remotely bacteria free. So if you’d like to not obtain some weird skin disease after trying this new trick out, clean before you gleam! 


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