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The Pros And Cons Of Dating A Crazy Lover


Whether you're a man or a woman, a jock or a nerd, a freak or a prude, there's no doubt that you've had an experience or two with someone you might consider crazy, controlling, even borderline dangerous. It could've been an ex, or it could be your current, but most of the time you fail to realize it until it's too late. She's already keying your car and burning the button-up shirts that you left at her house. He's already texting your mother and leaving bouquets of flowers at your cubicle. On the other hand, you may be fully aware of your lover's psychotic ways, but you've grown somewhat attracted to this trait a bit of Stockholm syndrome that always ends up blurring the line between insane and exciting.

Being that we're so torn as to whether we should keep such company, here are the pros and cons of dating a so-called 'crazy person':


1.Passionate Sex

It's no secret that many relationships currently in existence suffer from a boring sex life. With a crazy lover, this is almost NEVER the case. As a woman she'll be biting and scratching her way to an orgasm, as a man he's going to be dominating and aggressive up until a desired threshold. The passion induced by the psychosis makes for a beautiful, messy sexual connection.

2. A Stronger Bond

As the Hip-Hop community likes to call it, he or she is a 'ride or die' if they're nuts about you. They will stand by you and support you in any situation, even if you're dead wrong. They will most likely feel a sense of entitlement toward you; they will want to share everything with you, spend a lot of time with you, and literally be your right hand. This can be very warming as 'cuffing season' approaches, especially in this lonely cyber-generation of ours.

3. More Excitement and Emotion

When you date someone who's head over heels for you, the relationship itself will be full of sharp turns and surprises. He or she will go the extra mile to make you smile or feel the butterflies. This can turn the most reserved partner into a part-time adrenaline junkie and make for a fiery pair. Maybe they'll show up at your door at 3 AM without any forewarning or take you zip lining on a Tuesday afternoon. Who knows?!

4. Security Blanket

This is one most women would heavily agree on: a crazy lover makes for a nice security blanket. They will literally kill for you. Anyone who looks at you wrongs or says something in a suggestive manner is signing their death certificate. As a man, he will fight literally anyone for you with primitive instinct. As a woman, she will probably cut any girl that likes too many of your selfies on a consistent basis. Yikes!


1. Dangerous Fights

While the excitement and passion make for a great connection, they can also become a recipe for disaster. The jealousy can grow immensely, the possessiveness can become overwhelming, and somehow the slightest discretions can literally turn bloody. Crazy lovers can become emotionally and even physically abusive to each other (or themselves), causing someone to possibly do something stupid and irreversible. Be careful.

2. Can Cause Unhealthy Traits

A deep and intense partner will almost always have a profound effect on your daily life, whether you realize it or not. At first it may seem harmless and go unnoticed, but if he or she has certain traits such as a drug problem, a drinking habit, or simply leads an unhealthy lifestyle, you may quickly find yourself in the same sinking boat. You might end up neglecting your career, family and friends, and most importantly yourself.

3. Highlights Insecurities

If he or she comes with an abundance of insecurities bottled up inside, it's only a matter of time before they rise to the surface and create tons and tons of unnecessary issues. She'll become weary of his mysterious and lengthy past. He'll become worrisome of the 150 likes she gets on every selfie. Everyone is insecure, but what most people don't realize is that another person's insecurities can quickly become yours, especially when the relationship is so involved.

4. Less Time for Yourself

Finally, if he or she is crazy and possessive over you, obviously they're going to want a majority of your time. They'll feel entitled to this, and as soon as there's a dip in hours, they'll start thinking themselves into oblivion. He or she will question their place and your desire for them immediately. You'll be forced to either leave your bros and hobbies behind, or leave the intense relationship in the past. Your choice.



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