The orgasmic practice of letting strangers stroke your genitals 3

The Orgasmic Practice Of Letting Strangers Stroke Your Genitals

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) brings strangers together in search of sexual nirvana.


Would you let a stranger stroke your genitals? No, we're not referring to that guy you hooked up with on Tinder last week, or whichever the random creep from the streets you're currently having the discomfort of envisioning. Consider this: deliberately laying down, clothed down to the waist, whilst a (fully clothed) stranger runs their index finger first over your thighs and then around your vulva for a mind-blowing 15-minute session. A consenting London community, ages 23 to 77, are getting together once, twice, even four times a week to do exactly this.

The “expansive to ethereal, elevated to earthy” experience is all about the sensual journey of the orgasm, focusing on an infinite range of sensations, rather than rushing toward the climax. “You’re not trying to get somewhere, you're just curious about what’s there,” says Justine Dawson, the founder of the London community and member of a US OM organization, to Amuse.

Many of the “ommers” find the sight of a man in service to a woman really hot, reporting a feeling of increased sensitivity within themselves and a touching feeling of empathy. “A man who is really, really looking at your genitals and awake and present with you, is unusual and it’s just so touching,” says Berlin-based sexological bodyworker Ruby May.

What are your thoughts on OM? Would you give it a go?


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