The best youtube make up beauty vloggers 2016

The Best Youtube Makeup Vloggers To Up Your Make Up Game


Want the perfect 90’s nude lip? Or trying for that vamp-chic look? These are the make-up channels to check out…

A quick glance through any girls browser history will reveal that, amidst interesting articles & online shopping, there is a little black hole, a kind of vapid void, the beauty gals guilty pleasure: YouTube make-up tutorials. Oh yes, don’t deny it. Many hours we have lost at the online altar of make-up how to’s. From studiously watching, copying and perfecting the cat-eye flick, to learning how to achieve that “from within glow” (really, it’s a thing: that natural glowy-dewy-i’m-so-healthy look), there ‘aint no shame in taking some tips from those in the know. Scroll through and check out some of our favourite make-up tutorials, by some of the best beauty vloggers around…

Tanya Burr
Get your everyday, all day, any day make up on point

This girls channel is the biz-nizz. If you’re a lipstick lover, or looking to get a contouring how-to, Tanya Burr makes it look easy and achievable. Hit up this dope 90’s how-to, complete with neck chocker, and you’ll see what we’re raving on about.

It’s My Raye Raye
Pig tail buns / Purple Lips / ATTITUDE.
It’s all about edge with Raye Raye. Who doesn’t want fluffed up pig-tail buns and purple lips?

Get prepped for fall with dark lips & a half top knot
She’s a self-proclaimed make-up muggle (like, a normal person without the magic wizardry of a pro), but watching Zoella’s make-up tutorials is kinda like listening to your best friend explain how she got her make-up looking so fresh.

Kandee Johnson
Celeb make-up how-to’s at their slickest
Kylie Jenner lips, Ariana Grande eyes, hell, even some Pocahontas how-to – Kandee Johnson is the go-to-girl for celeb make-up looks and all kinds of crazy make-up madness. Ever wanted to look like Elsa form Frozen? Us neither, but hey, if you change your mind, Kandee will show you how to nail the look.

Andreas Choice
Rock-chic & super-sexy
Yes. This is how to do dark lips. Where have you been all our lives Andrea?


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