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Photo: Dimitry Penkov for Fizzy Mag

How To Get That Summer Body You’ve Been Longing For


Summer is here and everyone around you is complaining about the Christmas weight they can’t shake off and the seemingly sheer impossibility of finally getting that perfect skinny summer body the media glorifies oh so much. If you too are devastated because the sun’s out but your buns aren’t and just want to get fit for summer but don’t know how, look no further! We’ve created a somewhat perfect, manageable health plan for you for which you won’t have to throw out money for shakes, teas, pills or some other crap. 

But hold on… 

Before we get into this any further, we have to clear a couple things up. First one being the perfect summer body. If you want to really live healthy, you need to erase the medias perception of the ‘perfect summer body’ out of your mind. Your goal shouldn’t be to look extremely skinny, curvy or buff and muscly. Health should be the only thing that matters because -duh- it’s the healthiest. 

Today Fizzy is not only going to teach you to have a healthy body for the summer but a healthy body for life, because being healthy should become a lifestyle and not just something you feel you ‘need to do’ only for summer. Scratch that. We’re talking long period health so you’ll feel better, healthier and happier all year long. 

1. Eat consciously

The main part about living healthier is clearly food: ‘You are what you eat’ isn’t just a cool slogan you see on the windows of hipster cafés, but a fact. When you continuously shove crap into your body you’re gonna feel like crap and yes, we know that unhealthy food is the easier option. It’s cheap, it’s always available and frankly it is pretty delicious but let’s be honest, after you eat it you feel shitty, because deep down you know that you shouldn’t have eaten that triple cheese beef burger with extra mayo, because you know that it has absolutely no benefits for your body. Like none. So why would you want to do that to yourself? Look. No one’s saying that you have to completely cut unhealthy food out of your life but healthy food should always be your first option. Fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts might not sound as delicious as a pile of bacon but your body and brain will thank you.

2. Cardio

So if you wanna loose fat, you’re gonna have to do some cardio. Cardio is basically the type of exercise that’ll make you sweat, get your heart pumping and will burn those pounds. Cycling, jogging, running – all of those are really effective but not necessarily fun to do. But no fear! There is one extremely fun, effective form of cardio that’s so great that you won’t even realize that you’re actually working out – dancing. Yes, good ol’ dancing. Put one some funky music and let the rhythm just take over. 

2.1 Fizzy Mag’s pro workout plan

This is a quick and simple workout that’s gonna tone your body. It’s pretty easy, not too time consuming and effective. 

ABS – 5 Mins The cool thing about abs is that literally everyone’s got them. YES! YOU DO, TOO! And the only thing that’s getting in the way between you and the visibility of those sexy ripped abs is the layer of fat, chilling on top of them. While many people focus on the abs alone, you need to shift that attention to the fat and how to burn it, but you already know how since it’s the step above this one. But nonetheless here are a couple of ab exercises:

Cycling planks
Leg raises 

Jogging / Running 

ARMS -5 mins
Pushups / Leg pushups 

If you incorporate these little tips into your routine and are consistent, you will see the effects. Patience is key, so don’t expect ripped abs in 2 days. But don’t give up! Like we said be consistent, stick with it and watch yourself prosper.


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