Sketcher energy 2

Skechers Is Officially The Ugly Duckling Of Sneakerland!

When Did Skechers Go From Being A Shoe For People With A Herinated Disc To Berghain Goers?


Okay, serious question: what did we do to deserve this? When did this happen? Skechers made a sneaker called 'Skechers Energy' that looks absolutely stunning and no one has payed attention to it. The brand's reputation hasn't been associated with youth, fashion or club culture for the past two decades - but for every 90's brand 2017 is their time to shine! 

Skechers is known as the second largest athletic footwear brand in the US so there's no need to worry about your feet's health, these are good quality shoes. It isn't until recently the brand started expanding in Europe and their shops mainly contain everything else than what we would consider fashion - but no more tears need to be shed, they're concurring the world with stylish retro sneaks.

Fly ugly duckling, fly! Shop the sneaker for $ 53,- here.


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