Horror gel
Image Source: The Shining

Cross Your Legs & Feel The Burn: Read This Girl's Shower Gel Encounter From Hell

Shower Gel? More Like Shower Hell! "My Vagina Was Ablaze"!


Original Source shower gel had a moment in the early 2000’s but it appears one girl’s mint madness story of her latest shower with the plant extract product has brought about a resurgence. If you love mint and tea tree combos for soothing away any aches and blemishes, you’ll never look at them the same way again, for that we apologize. The story starts with one girl in a shower. After which she decided to rant on social media about her experiences with Original Source’s Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel.

Aside from the fact that this prose is utterly hilarious and the “7,927 tingling leaves” do feel lovely on the rest of your skin, it is important to note that the va-jay jay is self cleaning and your gynco would not be too amused if you told her you were cleaning it with anything but water! Still though, that girl!


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