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Sami Oliver Nakari shot "Strangers" for Fizzy Mag

Styled by Chiara Ghezzi


Drawing inspiration from Turkish photographer Can Dagarslani, Sami Oliver Nakari created “Strangers” for Fizzy Mag. The series of photographs focuses on symmetry, asymmetry and what happens when you experiment with the two. The result is a playful collection of photos staring two fresh-faced beauties, Raigardas Pajeda and Ivana Trivic. With each model dressed in corresponding looks, the series’ clothing continues to play with balance. Conceptualized by Chiara Ghezzi, the shoot’s overall styling fuses together a Scandinavian vibe with streetwear touches to create a new interpretation of minimalistic, urban fashion.

Photography: SAMI OLIVER NAKARI @sami_oliver_nakari

Styling & Concept: CHIARA GHEZZI @chiaraghezzi.stylist

Makeup & Hair: NICOLE BASSANI @nicole_bassani

Models: IVANA TRIVIC @ The Lab Models Milan & RAIGARDAS PAJEDA @ Boom Milan

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