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Pleasure In Pokemon: What Your Lover’s Pokemon Go Style Says About Your Sex Life


Trying to figure out what type of libido your partner has? How they play Pokémon Go may hold clues…

When a decent handful of Pokémon Go players are full-grown Millennials, it’s hard not to look at the craze through adult-themed lenses. And while you might be quick to dismiss any lover who is wrapped up in a digital game designed for kids, the way he or she plays could give insight as to how they like to get it on.

If you’re trying to figure out if someone is worth your sexual energy or find yourself in a rut with a long-time partner, take notes on their Pokémon Go style.

Here’s a handy guide to help you figure out if your sweetheart is a Gym Leader in the sack or just a straight-up Pokémon Ho:

1. The Ice Type: The Selfish Lover

Players who really are hell-bent taking over all the Pokémon Gyms in their neighborhood likely have no problem shouting “Me, Me, Me”—and that’s probably not going to change with your legs wrapped around them. To melt an ice type, play to your erotic fire senses and show them just how much you want to please them.

Combat Tip: Coddle this type’s Pokéballs by shouting their name during sex and complimenting them on their perfect bod. Raising them up as a champion could help them see that you are the real prize.

Source: Chikorita85

2. The Ghost Type: The Addictive Lover

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend into playing during travel? Does he or she constantly ditch old Pokémon for better versions? Is his or her level never quite high enough? If you answered yes, be careful—this lover likes to explore and may be fucking others out-of-bounds.

Source: elPatrixF

Combat Tip: Lay some boundaries quick before they ghost you like a big old Gastly. Whether you are planning to establish an open relationship or a monogamous one, hear them out and be honest. While he or she may not give you the answer you want to hear, it’s important to find out if there are needs that you can’t just meet on your own.

3. The Electric Type: The Adventurous Lover

Pokémon Go has really changed the game by getting people out and about, searching the streets for rare Pokémon. If you’ve found that your Pokémon trainer has been out of the house more than usual, it could be an indicator that he or she is need of some added spice. Just as Pikachu delivers a higher shock the more he trains, the more you satisfy the need for new sexual adventures, the more electric your sex life could be.

Combat Tip: Explore new territories together. Consider experimenting with sex toys, role playing, or even having sex in spots other than your mattress.

4. The Psychic Type: The Emotional Lover

Pokémon Go players that prefer a softer side to passion—through an emotional connection—may tend to pay attention to the intricacies of the game. For example, if your partner loves to give their Pokémon silly nicknames, they are likely to really appreciate the personality in everything—especially you.

Combat Tip: If you’re trying to get things moving in the sexual direction with a Psychic Type, channel your inner Hypno and get inside his or her head. Take things slow, romance them, light candles, give gifts, kiss them passionately—showing acts of love can be the true secret to getting a person to open up, emotionally and physically.

Image: Dom8

5. The Flying Type: The Giving Lover

There’s a reason you see Pidgeys all over the place in Pokémon Go: They are always willing to give themselves up as easy catches. Generous players—those that constantly raise prestige points at friendly gyms or set lures at Pokéstops—are much the same way. They will make themselves available and tend to your every need to make sure you arrive at your climax.

Combat Tip: It’s definitely OK to let a willing contender go to town on your pleasure points. But make sure you say thanks—and let them know what a good job they did. Adding some extra emotion when you cum, for instance, could show them that all their hard work paid off.

Image: Genjar

So what does it mean if your special someone isn’t playing Pokémon Go? The good news: It could mean that they have more time to be attentive to your sex life. The bad news: It could mean that they were banned from the game for being sex offenders!

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