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Don't Send Nudes: Snapchat Shot Lands Playmate Dani In Court

Body Shaming Is Unacceptable Even From A Bunny


The playmate Dani Mathers thought she was being funny last year when she snapchatted a photo of a naked randomer at a health spa. Claiming the image of the 70 year old pensioner’s body has been burned into her brain and not in a good way, her caption read “If I can’t unsee this, then you can’t either.”

After being banned from all locations of the health spa chain L.A. Fitness and fired from her job at KLOS 95.5 radio station, Mathers claimed she’s not about body shaming and hadn’t meant to share the snap publically. Frankly, even if she had have only sent it to close friends, it’s not a cool girl move. The poor woman is 70 and simply enjoying a spa, she doesn’t need some jacked up millennial commenting on her body, just leave her alone, we can’t all be playmates and bunnies! While unfortunately body shaming is not an official crime, violation of privacy is and a court date for Mathers at the end of May has been tentatively set!


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