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Noname Making A Name For Herself With Her Debut Project “Telefone”


It has been nearly four years since NONAME (formerly known as Noname Gypsy) announced that she was releasing her debut project entitled: Telefone. Well, at last, her fans (those that were patient enough anyway) faces won’t be purple anymore after holding their breaths for so long. Whew! The highly anticipated project was released on Soundcloud July 31st, 2016 and received thousands of plays in just a few short hours of it being released.

So, who is Noname anyway? Well, you may have heard the 24-year-old began her career as a poet competing in open mics and slam poetry competitions. Not ringing a bell? Maybe you heard her rapping with friends on the streets of Chicago where she is from. Still not ringing a bell? How about the fact that she made a breakthrough and after she featured on fellow Chicagoan and rising star Chance the Rapper’s song “Lost,” where she complemented Chance’s elegant vibes with a poetic vibe of her own. But wait, it doesn’t stop there. Noname will go on to collaborate with other under the radar artists such as: Mick Jenkins, Kirk Knight, Saba, and Donnie Trumpet, and that’s just to name a few. Now, that Telefone has finally arrived, it is making the noise her fans anticipated.

noname telefone debut album

Telefone has a jazzy vibe, with soft hooks that are peaceful and calming to say the least. Each song, is a flashback into Noname’s past, that actually reminds us of our past as well. Her song, “Diddy Bop” is a perfect example of this. The songs allows us to venture into Noname’s rough, but joyful past, where she talks about her love for Kswiss and Fubu’s (don’t we remember these days) and even name dropped B2K as a group she would vibe to back in the day. Her lyrics of “Freedom” gives us hope, while “Casket pretty” can create anxiety within us, that we as people (especially if you are black these days) go through in our day to day lives every time we leave our loved ones. Either way, Noname has stormed her way in with her freshman project. It’s a piece of freedom, pieces of memories, and a peace of a mind.

Listen to Telefone below:


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