Nike gakou flyknit 2

Personalize Your Swoosh With The New Nike Gakou Flyknit

Would you trust yourself to brand your own shoes?


The lovechild of the Nike Aqua Sock and Sock Racer, with a fine-tuned Flyknit twist, the Nike Gakou Flyknit was too much of a stand-out design prototype not to be given its own official release. The identity-merging shoe is, like many other classic Nike designs, the innovative manifestation of early prototypes and iterations. However, there was still one thing the design team couldn't agree on: where to put the swoosh.

This lead to the creation of rubber stencils which would allow customers to personalize the shoe on their own – the first time Nike has provided stencils for at-home footwear customization. Stay tuned for some botched-up branding jobs, guys, because the possibilities are pretty endless here. What do you think about the idea?

The Nike Gakou Flyknit is available in white and black options starting August 24 on Nike+, and at select retailers.


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