FIZZY GIRL Mona Marielle Stunts In The Nike Air Force 1 Rebel XX

FIZZY GIRL Mona Marielle Stunts In The Nike Air Force 1 Rebel XX

Laced with attitude.


She refuses to play by style rules. She's got streetwear in her DNA. She's got a look that's laced with attitude. WAIT. Are we talking about the FIZZY GIRL or the sneaker? The similarity is uncanny.

Introducing Mona Marielle, one of the awesome new members of our global FIZZY GIRL GANG. Cologne-born, Mona has spent her life as a style rebel. She won the non-conformist award at uni, which we think we can all agree, is testament indeed. Now based in Hamburg, she juggles working in a high-fashion store with establishing her own brand. Oh, and did we mention how sick her Instagram is?

In our latest Fizzytorial, Mona models her sneaker counterpart, the Nike Air Force 1 Rebel XX. Part of the brand's female-fueled 1 Reimagined collection, this unconventional beauty takes the best bits from the iconic sneaker and completely fucks with them – in the best kind of way. It's as if the designer literally cut and pasted the laces.

We love how the “corset lacing” re-appropriates a garment often viewed as oppressive into the streetwear context. That, together with the complete redesign of the traditionally male sneaker screams, 'women are not only here, but we're taking over.'

Mona styles up the Rebel XX perfectly with a layered-to-the-extreme look – and her signature specs, of course.

View all the shots in the gallery above and follow Mona's Instagram here. The Nike Air Force 1 Rebel XX is available here for $160.

Photography: Brit The Kid

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