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Nike's New Air Max Plus "Red Stardust" Is A Psychedelic Trip


The color pink has experienced a wondrous renaissance—a rebranding of sorts—thanks to the millennial pink trend that’s endured for the past few years. Yes, the ultra-feminine shade is truly having a moment. This time around, however, the shade isn’t just associated with Barbie-esque products. You can get just about anything in this specific color these days—and, now, also your sneaks.  

Introducing this want/need situation: Nike’s Air Max Plus “Red Stardust.” The new sneakers take pink to a whole new level. The high-tech silhouette features iridescent accents that give off a totally psychedelic flash of color in blues, oranges and purples. Three hues in one? It’s almost too good to be true.

Like other Nike releases, we expect this sneak to sell out quickly. While we don’t except Vapor Max level riots, we wouldn’t wait on these babies. Selling for $150 a pop, these sneakers are available here.


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