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Thinking of Moving In Together?

Everything you should know before taking the plunge.


If you’re thinking of taking the next step and moving in with your boyfriend, it’s good to know what you’re letting yourself in for. Like most things in life, there are pros and cons so here’s the low down about what it’s really like to move in with your boyfriend. 



If you’ve lived with friends before, you’ll already know how amazing it is to come home to somebody (other than your mother!) and to enjoy some time together after a hard day. Hopefully your S.O. knows how to cook and can sometimes have dinner and an extra large glass of vino ready for your return and if not, you can have fun cooking together and getting a little messy. 



You’ll never be alone again. Those days were all you want to do is eat chocolate for dinner in bed? Forget it! Those dawg days are over! You’ll also be expected to make conversation and listen to how awful his day was too. As for cooking dinner together, the novelty wears off pretty quick, most likely one of you will take the brunt of the cooking chores and the other will do the dishes in return.



There’ll always be someone there to look after you when your sick. It was great when your parents used to dote on you when you lived at home but since you moved out, you’ve had to take care of pharmacy trips with a fever and making chicken soup yourself.



The first time you get sick whilst living with your man won’t be anything as romantic as a fever. He won’t be rinsing out cold compresses for your head or curling up beside you even though you’re contagious. No, no, no your body is not that kind. You’ll get food poisoning and be uncontrollably vomiting (from both ends, yuck!) and you’ll be doing your damnedest to do it quietly so he isn’t repulsed by you forever. Whilst your parents just knew to do all these things for their sick child, bae won’t have a clue how to make you more comfortable and you’ll get pissed off that he just lets you sleep it off. 



You’ve been on holiday together, house sat for a friend and you practically live at his place anyway so you know him fairly well and about all his quirky little habits. You’re so similar in many ways that you can’t imagine how living with him full time could cause friction and you’re so excited to decorate your new place together. 



Sweetheart, you don’t know him at all. It’s not that he was trying to hide anything from you on that two-week holiday to Crete, it’s just that you couldn’t see everything that you can now you live together. You didn’t realize that he leaves everything in his path (shoes, receipts, small change, bottle caps) until you find yourself being the only one to put them in the bin or tidy the offending object away. It’s not your fault that you didn’t quiz him on his toenail cutting skills before you moved in, but now you know they only get done every 6 months and the rest of the year you’ll have to sacrifice warming up your icy toes on his for fear of being mauled by the raptor claws. He doesn’t care which curtains you get.

But…overall moving in with your boyfriend is awesome! On the days when you do have time to cook together, you’ll have the best time getting to know each others skills and congratulating one another on an excellent rendition of Jamie Oliver’s slow cooked lamb. He won’t be repulsed by your vomiting (it’ll be him next time!) he’ll still love you no matter what and if you ask him to go to the pharmacy for you he’ll do it because he knows you’d do the same for him. Lastly, you’ll grow to accept or even love his annoying habits and at the end of the day, his toe nails will get clipped sooner if you just do it yourself! This time next year you’ll be lying on the sofa together on hangover Sunday thinking there’s no where else you’d rather be than with your smelly soul mate! 


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