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Check Into A Neon-Lit Tokyo Dreamscape With This Atmospheric Insta

A melancholic lucid dream.


Lonely motel rooms, bleak electric cityscapes, angry skies and disconnected characters: @MotelVibes is a visual diary of a melancholic dystopia, set in Tokyo and beyond. The shots are an eye-popping pool of pop-culture references – from Lost In Translation stills to misplaced neon-lit quotes and faceless femme fatales – evoking an unsettling yet beguiling familiarity. The feed is like a lucid dream; a floating subconscious unrestrained by time or place.

The girl behind the Instagram, Asia Dellanoce, started the profile with a friend, after accumulating a collection of images that they never knew where to post. “It was mostly just for ourselves – it was never meant to be a big Instagram account,” she told Bullett. “The account is just a diary of how I feel – it’s my projections. I’ve never really meant to post things in a particular way, since the beginning.”

MotelVibes as accumulated 157k followers, all utterly enchanted by Dellanoce's fantasy world: “People will message me and say, ‘I feel the same way looking at that photo.’ – it’s like there’s this shared feeling between a stranger and me that neither of us can really describe. The page emulates this nostalgic moment, almost stuck in this fantasy version of the world. Maybe some of my followers did live in Tokyo in 1967, or maybe we all had another life – it’s just a weird feeling I love to share, missing a nonexistent memory.”



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