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Photographer Mollie Dendle Captures Young Feminists To Give Models A Voice


Self taught artist and film photographer Mollie Dendle began street casting 3 years ago. 

Bored of all of the model packages she was receiving she wanted to find real muses with something to say. In a world where models have become rag dolls for photographers, designers, stylists and hair and make up teams, Mollie gives models and talent a voice. Her photos are a creative collaboration where the model has as much say as anyone else in the process.

Her raw, stripped back style shows the talent in their most authentic state. Shot at home, self styled and without photoshop the images are an insight into the worlds of some of this generation’s most interesting characters. Subjects who have lined up to be shot by her include feminist warriors and artists Arvida Bystrom, Lee Armoogan and Monica Hernandez.

Mollie’s eye for talent brought her to the doors of infamous street casting company Anti-Agency where she has rebranded their aesthetic and scouted a whole new board of head strong, talented individuals including feminist artist Scarlett Costello, feminist skater Kabrina Adams, Sex blogger Eliza Lawrence and 16 year old body confident ambassador Chloe Pultar, to name a few.

Mollie is currently working towards her first book and solo exhibition  “Everything you see here is real” launching in 2018.

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Monica hernandez 004 by mollie dendle
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Monica hernandez 003 by mollie dendle
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Monica hernandez 001 by mollie dendle
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Lee armoogam 002 by mollie dendle
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Lee armoogam 001 by mollie dendle
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Kabrina adams 004 by mollie dendle
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Kabrina adams 002 by mollie dendle
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Kabrina adams 001 by mollie dendle
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Eliza lawrence 002 by mollie dendle
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Eliza lawrence 001 by mollie dendle
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Chloe pultar 002 by mollie dendle
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Chloe pultar 001 by mollie dendle
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Scarlett costello 005 by mollie dendle
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Scarlett costello 004 by mollie dendle
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Scarlett costello 003 by mollie dendle
16 | 27
Scarlett costello 001 by mollie dendle
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Arvida bystrom012 by mollie dendle
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Arvida bystrom011 by mollie dendle
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Arvida bystrom013 by mollie dendle
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Arvida bystrom009 by mollie dendle
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Arvida bystrom008 by mollie dendle
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Arvida bystrom002 by mollie dendle
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Arvida bystrom007 by mollie dendle
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Arvida bystrom005 by mollie dendle
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Arvida bystrom006 by mollie dendle
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Arvida bystrom003 by mollie dendle
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Arvida bystrom001 by mollie dendle


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