Met gala 2017

Next Year's Super-Controversial Met Gala Theme Revealed

Stand by for some celeb blunders.


The celebrity response to this year's 'Rei Kawakubo/Comme de Garcons' Met Gala theme was to be expected: most of them utterly flopped it – apart from Rihanna, but she nails everything. There were two extremes at play: those who got the theme (and took it to the opinion-dividing extreme) and those who played it way too safe in uninspiring red-carpet gowns. It really hasn't given us much faith for next year's efforts, especially after discovering the crazy-controversial reported theme for 2018.

According to WWD, 2018's Met Gala exhibition theme will be 'Fashion and Religion.' Really, guys? We're already standing by for some totally halfhearted but-fashion-is-my-religion outfits, as well as some absolutely outrageous religion faux pas. Sources say that the “serious and ambitious” project was thought up long ago by the Metropolitan Museum. The organizers surely can't be expecting this one to go smoothly – all press is good press though, right?


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