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Madison Beer Channels Her Inner Rihanna With New Anthem Single “Dead”


Your ex comes to your place drunk late at night and tells you that they cannot live without you. Then, they start crying and, again, tell you that they done you wrong. Sorry, it doesn’t go like that, honey. When they've messed up too many times, there’s no time for no drama. From her latest single “Dead," we can tell Madison Beer knows how to handle these situations.

To all the ladies and fellas out there who been screwed over by their exes, listen to this song because it’s the theme of the situation. Even if exes are texting you, you can relate to every word in this song because you want closure. 
The songstress released the single last Friday, and let’s just say, she’s becoming a badass diva. The beat is a sassy tune, an anthem to sing to your exes that done you wrong. In the song, she says “Baby, no more showing up when you’re not sober, at my front door just to say you’re alone tonight.” As she gets deeper before the chorus she asks her lying, cheating ex-boyfriend, “You say you can’t live without me, so why aren’t you dead yet.”

Her impressive vocals in this song are straightforward, not letting any boy get to her heart. Beer is not playing games boys.  



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