Lush releases new fidget spinner bath bomb

Lush Cosmetics Make Bath Time Fun Again With Fidget Spinner Bath Bomb

Making rubber duckies jealous everywhere.


Lush Cosmetics have just combined two of our favorite novelty items – the bath bomb and the fidget spinner – and now the internet isn't sure what to think. Lush took to Instagram yesterday to show off the new addition to their menu, complete with a sweet video of the “bomb” spinning under running water until finally meeting its bubbly demise. “For those days where you just can't sit still, take some time for a soak in citrus bubbles and emerge clearer and brighter minded,” the caption reads.

Sorry, but whoever came up with that was pure genius. Although the fidget spinner craze is arguably tailing off, you can't argue with a good ol' bit of bath time play. We certainly can't wait to give these a spin.

The Bubble Spinner is releasing in limited quantities in the U.K, with more maybe coming soon.



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