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Lily-Rose Depp Is All About The Kitten Heel

This Might Be The Coolest Way To Work Them


Kitten heels get a bad rep and probably with good reason. I mean, are they a heel, are they not a heel, their indecision on what they want to be bothers people. If you’re a heel, be one that makes our legs look longer and if you’re a flat, be comfortable like a pair of sneaks right? Well Lily-Rose Depp clearly has no probably with them but we’re not altogether hating this look either, dare we say, she’s actually got it going on in kitten heels! 

She’s opted for a kitten heel on the higher end of the scale, there’s a decent sized talon there as opposed to the stubby things we remember from the 90’s. She’s also working a fab zebra print, all combined with this seasons shoe trend, the sling back. Lily-Rose knows her shit, she’s not pretending to be sophisticated in her weird kitten heels, she’s slapped them on with jeans and a tank top, shouting to the world she needs to go shopping and she needs a low heel while she’s doing it! If you want to revive the kitten heel look, stray no further from Lily-Rose, she’s got it sussed.  

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