Find Out All The Deets About Lil Peep's Upcoming Berlin Show And Latest Music Video

An artist to keep your eye on in 2017.


Up-and-coming music artist Lil Peep just dropped a music video for his Horsehead-featured single “Girls.” The new vid depicts a super chilled out house party situation with Peep surrounded by a group of women. In his typical, eccentric fashion, Peep rocks a Ferragmo belt and a vibrant, striped turtleneck top while live flamingos fill the scene. 

Peep first emerged from SoundCloud’s hazy underground with his 2016 mixtape “Hellboy.” Now, the artist is creating a new generation of sound and rewriting all the rules. Peep successfully mixes rap and emo to create an entirely new genre that’s been described as “new emo” or “emo trap.” 

Peep is currently gearing up for a tour and will be in Berlin on April 6. Learn more about the upcoming event here, and watch Peep’s latest release above.


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