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Body Shamers Latch On To Lady Gaga’s Tummy Pouch

Haters Gon’ Hate


Lady Gaga has had her fair share of criticism. From the meat dress saga to the trans-gender debacle, she isn’t one to simply fly under the radar. Most recently, her performance at this year’s Super Bowl has had the publics fingers furiously typing away, showing the love but also the nasty. 

Her insanely cool performance began with a reading from the Pledge of Allegiance on top of the NRG stadium building in Houston. Colored drones filled up the dark sky, eventually coming together to form the American Flag and then BAM! Gaga was hurling herself off the rooftop, plummeting around 80 meters to the pitch below before starting her phenomenal performance.  

But, it wasn’t Gaga’s stunt skills nor the quality of her actual performance that people are criticizing, it’s her apparent belly bulge. We’re not talking about radical weight gain here, it’s just a tummy pouch, clearly visible above her sparkly hot pants. The public hiding behind carefully crafted profile photos A.K.A social media, were quick to judge, slamming her for “stomach hanging over her pants” and uploading images of food spilling out of its packaging. 

On the plus side, for every hater there’s a lover. Gaga fans and generally kind human beings, counter argued that it was a breath of fresh air to see a “normal” body on television and commending her for proving you don’t have to have a perfect body to slay. Go on Gaga!

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