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Watch Lady Gaga’s Outstanding 13 Min Super Bowl Performance


Sunday night, was the highly anticipated Super Bowl 2017 between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. It was a last minute win for the Patriots, with the legendary Tom Brady leading the team to a historic comeback win.

This means that the New England Patriots are the Super Bowl champs once again, winning 34-28 to the Atlanta Falcons in overtime, with Tom Brady being labelled as the greatest player of all time.

However, it isn’t just the football that everyone is talking about this morning. Millions of people across the world tuned in to watch Lady Gaga’s half term performance.

The spectacle began with Gaga singing a patriotic medley, whilst standing on the roof of Houston's NRG stadium, with a twinkling swarm of drones hovering behind her, forming the American flag. She then flew from the ceiling, into the stadium, and onto the stage to perform.

In the run up to the halftime show, the sponsors, Pepsi, had said it would be “uniquely Gaga”, and that, it definitely was!

Viewers were however, waiting to see if Lady Gaga, a LGBT and women’s right advocate, would use the global platform to voice her opinion on the new President, Trump, but she stuck to the Super Bowl rules, and kept politics out of her performance!

“One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” said the superstar, whilst landing on a tower structure by the stage.

Dressed in her glittery makeup, wardrobe and boots to match, she then put all of her effort into a medley of her top hits, including, Poker Face, Just Dance, Born This Way, and Telephone, backed by some dancers and hardcore (slightly crazy!) choreography.

Of course, to be truly Gaga, there had to be some slightly strange elements- so there were keytars, ariels, some alien-looking props and sci-fi bodysuits!

The show was a crazy, fun-filled megamix of her best pop hits; as well as a performance of her hit power ballad “Million Reasons”, from a piano.

After a quick costume change (into a two piece just as glittery), Gaga declared “The Super Bowl is what champions are made of!” as she got ready to perform the finale of “Bad Romance”.

“Bad Romance” featured Gaga singing alongside 40 dancers dressed in American football inspired uniforms. The stage was full of energy and Gaga ended the set with one last strut up onto a staircase, shouting “Super Bowl 51!” before dropping her microphone and jumping into the crowd catching a glittery football!

The fantastic halftime show was definitely Gaga and epic! 

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