Labyrinth Is Getting A Sequel!

You Remind Me Of The Babe


Oh Labyrinth! We can’t tell you why we were so attracted to Jareth The Goblin King. It might have been that feminine blonde hair, his owl transformation trick or maybe we just wanted to get our hands on his magic crystal..ahem! Whatever the reason, Labyrinth for many of us claws at our heart strings, pulling us back into our childhood and into what could be considered one of the first fantasy films – move over Fantastic Beasts, Labyrinth was well before your time! The big news is, they’ve decided to make a sequel! 

Obviously the sequel (and it is a sequel, not a remake) won’t feature the late great David Bowie, nor is Jareth expected to make an appearance in any form but rather the story will simply be extended and continued. In a world that was still home to Bowie, we might have been leaping off the sofa and pre-ordering the popcorn already but there’s a little niggle of doubt that it just might be too soon. Only time will tell and we really hope director Fede Alvarez does all our wildest dreams justice. 


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