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We Go One To One With Blogger Konstazia Lechler & This Is What We Found Out

Shot by Brit The Kid & Styled by Muamera Pulic


Konstanzia Lechler is a new face taking over the world of fashion. At just 18-years-old, Lechler not only has a booming modeling career, but she’s also a successful blogger. The beauty runs with two of her best friends, Atusa and Sonja. The blog is centered on fashion and lifestyle, and Lechler and her girls use the platform to share their own looks as well as styles that inspire them. In addition running her own site, Lechler also writes for

We caught up with the busy model/writer for an exclusive Fizzy Mag editorial. Styled in fresh pieces from Hamburg-based boutique Purple Pink, Lechler danced across our lens and later, chatted with us about everything from her beauty routine to her coolest story. Check out the full feature below. 

Name: Konstanzia Lechler

Age: 18

Agency: Izaio Models Berlin

Height: 165cm

Instagram: @constanzya (private) & @envoguebabes (blog)

Place of Origin: Russia and Kazakhstan

Birthsign: Capricorn

When did you first start blogging /modeling?

I started my first blog when I was 13 years old. Through the blog, I started modeling at 14.

What's the most fun about blogging?

All the cool events you get invited to (where they also always have free drinks ;)) and all the nice cities you get to explore!

How did you and your girls meet?

Atusa and I met in school in the 5th grade. Sonja and I have known each other forever because she lives just around the corner. When we went to kindergarten, we kind of split ways, but then, we started to hang out again when we were about 13/14 years old. We all saw each other in the tram after school and loved each others' style. Since then, Atusa, Sonja and I have been inseparable.

Is it more fun to run a blog with friends than to have your own blog?

I think it depends on the relationship between you and your friends. Atusa, Sonja and I are like soulmates— a well attuned team for many years. We share everything: our interests, our humor, our dreams, our past and even our wardrobe. All three of us previously had individual blogs, but we hang out 24/7 and always take each others' photos and help out with styles, so sharing our articles on one platform instead of three just makes it just easier for everyone. It's also way more fun to experience the blogger life together— like going to events. So for good teamwork, it's important that you and your friend/co-blogger have the same idea about the blog's direction and share more than only your passion for fashion.

What made you color your hair red a few weeks ago?

It was actually quite spontaneous and not even my own idea! Atusa is the one who has the eye for what looks good on people, so she was like, "Yo Konni, you would look SO dope with red hair!" In the beginning, I was super skeptical 'cause I liked my hair how it was, but she didn't stop trying to convince me. Three days later, I had an appointment with the hairdresser. haha Now, I love my new hair, and I think I'm gonna keep this look for a while.

Tell us about your beauty routine. 

I'm absolutely no fan of this current "Kylie Jenner Makeup" trend. I love to keep my make-up simple. I'm too lazy for eye makeup, so usually I go with some concealer, blush and a reddish lipliner. When I go out, I like to define my brows a bit more and put on some mascara— that's it.

Your favorite beauty products?

I love the lipliners by Kiko, especially the colors 700 and 704.

All time fave fashion item.

That's a good question— my fashion favorites change from time to time. But I couldn't live without nice prints and a cool pair of black boots.

Who's your current favorite brand/designer?

Honestly, I don't have a favorite brand at the moment. There have been certain pieces from big brands I've fallen for in the past, but this season, nothing has really stood out to me yet. More than anything, I like to get inspired by people and street styles because I know I'm too poor for high fashion pieces... it breaks my heart to see a cool piece I can't afford!

Sneakers or heals?

Black boots ;)

What's pumping on your iPod right now?

Alabama Shakes - Gimme All Your Love and Frank Ocean - Biking. 

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

I hate this question because I really don't even know how I would describe my style in 500 words. I love so many different styles. It depends on the day. Sometimes, I like it chic and classy. On other days, more casual and laid-back or rock and edgy. Or a mix of everything. There is no strategy.

How / Where did you get discovered?

Instagram, where people just texted me via DM.   

Which personal encounter inspired you the most?

I have met a lot of inspiring people in my life, and also, my girls inspire me every day with their open-mindedness and creativity. What impresses me the most are people with a truly good heart and people who do their thing out of real passion and not only focus on success but also happiness.

Offline for a day. Possible?

To be a successful influencer, it's impossible, but nevertheless, I personally don't post everything that's going on in my life. I like to spend time with my friends and family and to just enjoy the moment without sharing it with everyone.

Your first modeling job?

I had my first job when I was 14-years-old for a little fashion brand that probably doesn't even exist today. 

Coolest story of your life?

My entire youth has been an adventure, but I think the latest coolest thing happened in Paris two months ago. My girls and I went there for vacation, and we didn't stay that close to the central. When we wanted to go out on the first night, we missed the last train to the city, which left at 12 pm (ridiculous). So, our only choice was to take the night bus. Since few people in France speak English, it was hard for us to make our way to the city, and we met a lot of creeps— I didn't know if we would make it to the club safe! After we rode over an hour, we just got off the bus at a random station to search for a hotel where we could wait for the next train back home. Then, we randomly walked by a club, which looked quite interesting. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to let people in without invitations. Suddenly, someone just gave us two tickets for the party, and the event turned out to be the after-show party of the César Awards for French actors and artists. It was crazy, and they had free drinks!

 Best advice someone gave you?

Take it easy. Don't be too serious and don't be afraid to take a risk.

Photography: BRIT THE KID @britthekid

Hair/Makeup & Styling: MUAMERA PULIC @muamerapulic

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