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Is SnapChat Becoming Redundant?

Is your ‘story’ really newsworthy?


We see it just about every 6 – 8 months or so; a new social media app emerges, gains exponential popularity and makes way for a whole new wave of millennials to somehow showcase themselves and their ‘art’ or what have you. For a while it was Instagram, which thanks to a big money purchase from Facebook, managed to remain relevant and hip, but it seems to be in direct competition with an app we all have come to know very well, thanks to its flashy filters and 10-second sneak peaks—Snapchat 

Need we explain what Snapchat has to offer? By now everyone in this generation is more than well-acquainted with it. Nowadays every female selfie you like features a row of flowers or a pair of dog ears overhead. Our daily routines are now put on display and streamed chronologically via our ‘story’. When it comes to sending and receiving, Snapchat is notorious for not letting your recipients keep or show off your material without you being notified. If a clip is screenshotted, you are told by who and when, thus allowing you to feel much more secure when sending a risky nude or an embarrassing clip of yourself. 

It’s true that  Snapchat hosts a plethora of interesting and seemingly harmless capabilities, but it still bares a handful of doubts when coming to terms with its necessity. Do you really need this app, when you already have Instagram? Is it really worth uploading that messy burger you’re about to eat? What about just texting someone instead where it’s more personal anyway? Is my story really that newsworthy?  

While many find Snapchat to be more personal when comparing it to Instagram, it’s still not as direct and endearing as simply texting someone. When receiving a snap, there’s still an air of “was this meant for only me or others too?” If you’re in a relationship, Snapchat can induce a heavy dose of trust issues into you as well. Men know that it has become a breeding ground for receiving nudes, while women know it’s more than ideal for sending. This may cause for restless nights, useless fights, and even an ugly break-up.

Another point to be made is that—unless you’re DJ Khaled or someone relatively famous—your story is really not of significance to your followers, whether it be truly interesting or not. Although Snapchat notifies the user on who and when their story has been seen, it doesn’t mean that it was actually VIEWED. Next time you or your friend uses Snapchat, notice how they scroll through ones story feed. They most likely just click through relentlessly, without even watching the full 10 seconds of each clip. What’s the use?

Even Instagram developers have recently noticed Snapchat’s redundancy by releasing a brand new update that practically mocks the ‘story’ concept, posing a decisive question for millennials; To keep Snapchat or not? The average user has the same audience on both apps, and they both already offer a means of direct messaging. While Instagram’s filters may not be as interactive and colorful, it doesn’t mean an update for that feature isn’t on its way as well. Stay tuned!

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