Upgrade your boyfriends wardrobe1

How To Upgrade Your Boyfriend’s Fashion Without Him Knowing


It’s the oldest story in the book, you love your man but you hate his wardrobe. Beyoncé said it best “partner, let me upgrade you.” Now to change your man’s wardrobe without him even knowing you’re doing it: that is key. We are going to share some words of wisdom as to how to cleanse your man’s closet without breaking the bank or breaking his heart:

Don’t change his style. You love him and you should love his style! But it doesn’t mean you love his fashion taste. Two different things here. Style is how you make it, fashion is what you wear. Swap out his old t-shirts for new crisp ones.

Replace his jeans. Not all at once, just bring him a new pair here and there. Once he’s hooked, he will want more and he will forget about his old jeans. No need to get super fancy here either. H&M sells some awesome men’s denim for less than $25 a pair.

Clean it up. We are the biggest fans of the scruffy look, but you can totally keep scruffy in a clean look. Example, David Beckham. Now don’t you want your boyfriend to share David Beckham’s sense of fashion? Replace the old with the new. Its flannel weather people. Treat your man to some flannels!

Tell him how good he looks in his knew duds. Men and their compliments.

Ta-Da! You just gave your man a mini-makeover without him even knowing. Don’t worry, your secrets safe with us!

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