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How To Avoid The Bad End Of Holiday Breakdown

Useful tips for the smart city girl!


The after holidays homecoming is kind of hard. Never mind how happy you might be to see your friends and family again, to sleep in your own bed and to finally have a decent shower (if you've been camping in some exotic place), returning to your usual life is often enough quite depressive.

Here is a list of useful tips for surviving during this un-easy time of the year.

1. Whether you've spent your holidays in an exclusive resort or in a not exactly clean air bnb place, when you come back home your flat will probably feel squalid. The first impulse will be to go mad doing housework and to go raiding ikea, but this will only stress you out and fill your probably already overcrammed place with billy bookshelves. Why not share a few drinks with your flatmates instead? After a couple of hours (maybe even less if you've invested on good vodka) your place will miraculously look shiny and exciting again.

2. If you've had a long holiday romance, or even just some nice, healthy sex on the beach (real sex, not the cocktail), your single life might not feel as glamorous as it did before you left. Chances are you might feel just a tiny little bit lonely and the instagrams of your paired friends full of couple holiday pics are likely to give you the final stroke (by the way, facebook and Instagram would best be avoided all together during the first weeks after the holidays unless you want to indulge in some heavy nostalgia or, even better, unless you want to write a very honest post stating something like fuck, the holidays are over and we're all back to our boring lives, who's in for an anti – suicide party? We were never brave enough to do it ourself but we always wish someone will be, so if you do it please let us know and count us in).

Anyway, avoid going on a tinder rampage: with your eyes still full of your sun tanned Bello or of your pale Beau the 26 yo, 1.80, communications intern, love sports and travelling will probably all look so depressive that they will make you want to kill yourself.

Best to check out if your BFWB is still available, or upgrade your platonic relationship with a friendly neighbor (don't worry about being turned down, he's probably in your same situation). Then, when you'll be back at work, you can see if your company has been sensible enough to hire an irl, 26 yo, 1.80, communications intern.

3. Once you've taken out your pretty summer dresses from the washing machine, you'll probably put them away for good until next year. At that point all you'll want to do is some serious shopping in order to fill your wardrobe with gorgeous fall clothes which will make fall itself seem less cruel. Awesome, but what if you've most likely drained your bank account during the holidays?

The solution is Second Hand Shops. Incredibly enough not everyone drains their bank account during holidays. Those who don't will indulge in the serious shopping that you can't afford, come back home and start getting rid of the old stuff” to make room for their new clothes. With such urgency that they are most likely to hand in designer pieces to Kilo fashion. Lol!

4. What if you’ve drained your bank account so badly during the holidays that you find yourself completely broke? This time, Tinder might be the solution! A proper amount of right swipes will convert into a proper amount of dinners. Proper enough to prevent you from starving until your next pay day. And you might also bump into someone not so terribly depressive.

5. If during your holidays you've done something so stupid as embarking on a beauty-detox-fitness path, drop it immediately. Some relationships just have to be cut, especially the ones that are bound to make you suffer and feel frustrated, why stick to something that you know will not last?! A pair of high heels that will keep your legs looking slender all through the year, and a heavy concealer ready for the imminent – return of eye bags and pimples are much of a better investment than detox juices and gym subscriptions.

After all you’re back in town, so you might as well resume your ordinary habits: call your friends, go out for a pizza, come home late, skip the beauty routine, wake up with a hangover and start making yourself at home again.

Welcome back!

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