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Who Is H.E.R?


Who is H.E.R? Besides the fact, that the question would sound grammatically incorrect if the if it was asked vocally, all we seem to know about this artist is that she is new, and hott, with two t’s I might add. H.E.R made her presence known when the newly signed RCA records artist burst on the scene with the release of H.E.R Vol. 1. Perhaps what’s more intriguing about H.E.R more than her enigmatical appearance, is her soothing, rhythmic flows that are well projected over soft beats with tweetable lyrics. Oh the joy! Tweetable lyrics, oh how we all love music that we relate to!

On her fire intro, “Losing” she speaks on someone she is beyond attracted to, but find it hard to maintain a relationship with because of the person’s failure to be consistent. Oh how we relate to H.E.R. On tracks like ‘Wait for it’ and the cut short outro ‘Pigment’ she emphatically promotes an elegance that catches the ears almost immediately. Especially when she sings “I feel some type of way, it’s late at night. I didn’t put on this dress for nothing, so I’m coming baby,” which would melt any man if those words were uttered as beautifully as H.E.R annunciated them. On ‘Facts’ H.E.R admits her impassiveness by not letting people in all the time, but her willingness to submit to someone worthy of her time. It echoes the feelings of millennials all over.

‘U’ loosely complements ‘Losing’ by H.E.R reiterating the fact that she’s into that special someone, but then that person does something that disagrees with that destroys their chances of being together. The next song is ‘Focus’ which H.E.R desperately attempts to shift her partner’s focus back to her.

H.E.R also throws in her cover of Drake’s ‘Jungle’ in which she is eloquently executed. H.E.R Vol.1 was released September 9th, and has garnered the attention of artists such as: Joe Budden, Letoya Luckett, Tyrese, etc. Her EP of seven short songs leaves us in suspense as we await more from this artist. We don’t know much about H.E.R, but wouldn’t we love to in near future?

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