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These Gorgeous Monochrome Illustrations Are For Star-Crossed Lovers

“Take your broken heart, make it into art.”


Henn Kim's sweet black-and-white illustrations are art for broken hearts. The graphic and extremely inventive designs are overflowing with lonely-looking girls or lovers trapped in uneasy embraces.

There's a girl sat clenching her knees beneath the stars with a lampshade on her head, faceless lovers embracing a cactus and a mermaid trapped within a glass bottle. The motifs are beautifully descriptive, chronicling the feelings of isolation, frustration and uncertainty that everyone who's broken up will know all too well.

Henn Kim also has a Society 6 e-shop where the designs are printed onto everything from tees to tapestries to travel mugs. Check out the artwork in all its melancholic charm here.  



You melt my heart 차가운 내 마음을 녹여주는 너 ❤🍦

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Life is beautiful / 인생은 아름다워

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Sense and Sensibility 넌 머리를 쓰지만 난 마음이 쓰여 #love #JaneAusten

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Healing is Difficult / 잘 낫지 않는 상처

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