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H2O Take Sporty Eighties Vibe To Deliver The Goods

This 80's Brand Is So Unisex It Makes To Want To Touch Yourself


Tracksuits and sportswear were almost a religion in the eighties, and until recently, they were condemned to the thrift shops forever! But the post-Internet kids started showing interest in the tacky and outdated tracksuit trend, and the brands were lining up to reinvent themsleves and start dressing the 10's kool kids. FILA, Elesse, Asics, Reebok and last but not least: the Danish 80's brand H2O that literally bursted out a new retro collection  and is now one of the most hot and trendy brands walking around on the streets of Copenhagen. 

Check out the dope items in the slideshow featured below, and shop until you look like your old man when he was in his 20's!


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