Gucci's Classic Sci Fi Inspired New Campaign Video Is Simply Out Of This World

Not gonna lie, we'd seriously watch this if they made it into a series.

Gucci has been no stranger to craziness as of late. Alessandro Michele has taken Gucci to a whole new level: this season, casting space aliens in lieu of traditional models for a more-is-more retro-futuristic style. After introducing its very fashionable aliens to us on Instagram back in April, complete with their names, ages and personal quotes - “If I’m correct, this is a Kivordian time portal, a gateway to other times and dimensions. It could take us to any place in history!” - Gucci has just released a stunning continuation of the story: a one-minute-long campaign video referencing the cult classic series, Star Trek.

The very extra terrestrials encounter a series of obstacles, including a giant space cat and a Jurassic Park-esque dinosaur. Watch the full video above!  


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