A party for single girls on valentine s 2

How To Do Gal-entine’s Day

A party for single girls on Valentine’s


Ahh Valentines Day! For couples its a day for rejoicing in their relationship, showing their love for one another and being romantic and super soppy. Absolute bliss! For singletons, it’s a day when couples rub their smug noses in the fact that they’ve found “the one” and hiding the fact that God forbid you might be staying in alone. Utter social Hell! 

Fear not single ladies, for we have the answer to all your forever alone worries on the worst day of the year.

Throw a Gal-entine’s party!

All you need is to gather your single gals and throw in a few quid each for the kitty. Head to the shops and fill your basket with all your pampering favorites, face masks, peels, feet soaks and manicure sets, as well as your ultimate cheat day treats. Spend the evening catching up on all the latest goss in your group, giving yourselves some beauty therapy, and watching gory horror movies (chick flicks are forbidden!) 

Make it a yearly ritual and trust us, you’ll never hate Valentine’s day again!

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