Gigi hadid rainbow eyes

Gigi Hadid's Asymmetrical Rainbow Eyes Prove There Is Hope For Us All

Now it's not just our brows that are allowed to be sisters.


Now that we've seemingly only just come around to the idea that our eyebrows should be sisters and not twins, Gigi Hadid has sent quakes through Instagram with an asymmetrical multicolored eye make-up look, proving that, surprisingly, the same goes for our eyes too.

Of course, rather than opting for complete asymmetry – that is, eyes on different levels (not gonna lie, we'd love to see that) – Gigi's talented make-up artist, Erin Parsons, has kept the winged shape in check, going for contrasting colors instead. We're obsessed.

Teasing in the caption that there's “more to come soon” we can't wait to see more of this super-creative Maybelline look. And girls, remember this the next time you spend half an hour trying to even up that liner.  



Yeah we took it there👩🏻‍🎨 👀🌈 @gigihadid @maybelline

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