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Gigi Admits She Is Done With Making New Friends And She Doesn’t Need Them Anyway

Life’s Tough At The Top


Gigi is throwing her toys out of the pram this week, as she admitted to Harper’s Bazaar that friends are not always the people you think they are when you’re famous.

She said, “I’ve lost a lot of friends because I’ll get busy for a short period of time, and they’re not reaching out, but if I don’t reach out, then it’s like I’ve changed.”

Clearly she’s taking no prisoners and if you can’t handle her busy schedule and the fact that she can’t call you everyday, then you’re no best bud of hers. Which to be fair, we can understand, she’s a busy girl and if your BBF can’t understand that, who in the world can. But at the same time, it appears Gigi has only just learned the old adage that a few close friends are better than tons of acquaintances which we’re surprised she’s only figured out now!


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