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We're Obsessed With These “Free The Nipple” Tees And Tote Bags

Perfect if you just can't go through with that nip piercing.


Embroidery is definitely having a moment – from James T Merry's sought-after reworked vintage sportswear logos, to full-frontal vulva hoops that would probably give your grandma a heart attack. But these “Embroidery Nipples” by Mexico City-based illustrator and embroidery artist José Ramirez have to be our favorite.

Ramirez, who actually did learn embroidery from his grandma, sews beautifully realistic nipples onto t-shirts and tote bags, adding delicate nipple piercings that are guaranteed to offer many a momentous mind-fuck moment. The #FreeTheNipple designs were a reaction to Instagram censorship: “The nature and purity of a human body shouldn’t be sexualised, nor censored nor seen as violent to anyone. Not being able to show nipples without censorship, to me, it’s like someone forbidding me to make a decision,” he tells Bullett.

Have a peek at the provocative-but-ever-so-pretty designs below and order yours on Instagram via DM.





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